WATCH: San Antonio Cops Caught On Video Executing Man With His Hands Up (VIDEO)

Two San Antonio deputies were filmed executing an unarmed, shirtless, surrendering suspect this past Friday at approximately 11:30 a.m.

Deputies allege that they attempted to use shields and tasers on the man, but these methods were unsuccessful.

The police statements are complete lies. In the video there is no indication of taser use, nor shields and they both approach him with their guns drawn and aimed. They fire, killing the suspect WHILE HIS HANDS ARE RAISED IN SURRENDER.

In a press conference after the incident, County Sheriff Susan Pamerleau, said that the video was “cause for concern”. She also stressed it was important to let the investigation continue and basically assume the police department is innocent unless it finds itself guilty of murder.

Does anyone honestly think that these cops are going to hold themselves accountable? They executed, clearly on the video, an unarmed, surrendering suspect and outright lied about the circumstances leading up to it.

Featured  image via YouTube screen capture
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