WATCH: ‘Responsible Gun Owner’ Shoots 8-Year-Old Daughter Dead While Braiding Her Hair (VIDEO)

Well, here we go again. An 8-year-old girl is dead because her own mother dropped a gun while braiding her daughter’s hair, and it discharged shooting the daughter in the head.

Honestly, why the F*CK do you need a freakin’ gun to braid your daughter’s hair? Are there terrorists in it?

Marsha Lynch told police that she was brushing her daughter’s hair when a handgun fell to the floor and discharged, striking both of them.

Police said the bullet went through Marsha Lynch’s leg and struck her daughter, Sharia, in the head. Sharia Lynch died before she could be airlifted to the hospital. Marsha Lynch is continuing to recover from surgery at Floyd Medical Center. Three other children in the home – an adult son and two young daughters – weren’t injured.

Wait, stay with me, here comes the best part. Henson said investigators are confident the incident was accidental; they’re not investigating this as a murder or intentional shooting.

What. The. F*ck? How can you even respond to this as a logical person? A mother was careless with a non-safety’d gun which she was obviously messing around with in some way while she was braiding her daughters hair, causing her to drop it and have it go off accidentally and kill the little girl. Nothing to see here, according to the cops. Just another case of “spontaneous patriotism” in America. When the terrorists hear we will risk shooting our own children rather than be “disarmed”, surely they will surrender.

Watch the newscast coverage from 11 Alive, Atlanta below:

CBS46 News

Featured Image: CBS46 screen capture

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