WATCH: Horrifying Video Shows Just How Dangerous Guns Are To Children

Despite the epidemic of children dying from self-inflicted gun wounds and children killing other children (and adults), the NRA and gun industry has waged war against any and all measures designed to prevent these easily avoidable deaths. The reasoning is as painfully simple as it is sociopathic: If people understand just how dangerous it is to mix guns and children, they won’t keep a gun in the house and that cuts into the gun industry’s profits.

With this in mind, I can only imagine the NRA is seething about a special investigation carried out by Fox 46 Charlotte in which a group of children ages 6-8 were put in a room with toys, games and a realistic toy gun hidden in the sofa.

It went poorly:

Osmund Marcellin, Ned Hibbard, Kelly Sayasithsena, Al Sullivan, Meagan Conley, and Carolina Panther Thomas Davis and his wife Kelly all watched their kids on FOX 46’s hidden cameras – none of them thinking their child would point and pull the trigger.

But in the end…

“None of them ever questioned if it was real or not. I mean, it wasn’t even was that real. They all just thought it was a toy,” Sayasithsena said.

And four of the eight children pulled the trigger.

Here’s the video:

In case you’re thinking all of the parents were anti-gun liberal pansies, allow me to correct you:

“Madison actually played kind of an acting role here. Yes she sure did, my little actress. Yes, it’s very disturbing. The handful of times she’s been around guns and we’ve talked about it, just a little bit when we’ve been using them, but we’re gonna have some serious conversation about gun safety now,” Conley said.

“Now” usually comes far too late for the 3000 children and teens that die every year from guns. A fact that doctors were fed up with when they started asking parents if they owned a gun and kept it safe from their kids. These are innocuous and common sense questions that would save hundreds or more lives a year. Yet, the NRA reacted as if doctors were preparing to kick down people’s door and burn gun owners at the stake. Republicans, of course, leapt into action to protect the children profits of the gun industry by passing laws forbidding doctors from discussing gun safety. Because what’s 30,000 dead kids a decade compared to the billions in profits to be made?

Just to repeat: Parents knowing how dangerous a mix guns and children are is a huge problem for the gun industry and one of the parents proved it in just this limited experiment:

As for having a gun in the house, Osmund was considering buying one but now he says, “No way.”

Every parent that owns a gun or is thinking of buying one should watch this video of children pointing a gun at other children and hear the sound of the trigger being pulled repeatedly. The NRA won’t like it but it’s not THEIR kids being put at risk for a profit.

Featured image via screen cap.

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