Walmart Is About To Make It Very Difficult For Open Carry Ammosexuals

Walmart has long been a place where ammosexuals can dress up in their finest camouflage sweats, and in one stop, buy a week’s worth of Totino’s Pizza, beef jerky, energy drinks, Bud Light and a (or a few) gun.

In states like Texas and frankly, most of the country, the Walmart shoppers can proudly show off their killing toys by legally stuffing it in their waistband, but maybe not in the store they bought it from. If they want to walk into a Walmart with a gun slung over their shoulder, they will have to (ironically) go through a background check and they will have to be licensed.

To comply with state liquor rules, the world’s biggest retailer sent a written notice last month to stores that sell alcohol, telling managers to ensure that customers who openly carry firearms under a new law have licenses. Cashiers or door greeters who see someone with a gun are to alert the highest-ranking employee, who is to approach the customer and ask to see the paperwork.

My guess is that somehow, ammosexuals (at least the ones who are licensed) are less afraid of showing their information to one of the largest companies in the world, where underpaid employees who haven’t gone through extensive criminal background checks, will have access to their private information, than they are about the big bad gubmint having the same information.

Naturally, ammosexuals are not pleased.

I find it offensive,” said C.J. Grisham, president of gun-rights group Open Carry Texas, who has heard from members who shop at Wal-Mart that they have been asked for permits. “I don’t want to be treated suspect by a place that I’m shopping at.

Poor things. What are they going to do without Walmart?

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