This New York Daily News Cover Says How We All Feel About The GOP After A Shooting (IMAGE)

The New York Daily News wasted no time in showing it’s displeasure with the Republican party “leaders” looking to be President’s responses to the shooting in California on Wednesday. Within hours of the tragedy that left 14 dead and many more wounded, The President and Democratic candidates immediately called for stricter gun control — the only action that has ever worked in other countries, while Republicans tweeted support for guns along with their prayers and thoughts.

The Daily News, along with sensible Americans across America, are sick and tired of being offered prayers and thoughts when another round of families has to say goodbye to their loved ones too soon. The cover of the popular publication displayed as much Thursday morning:

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All the keywords are perfect. Innocent Americans. Cowards. Meaningless platitudes. I don’t particularly care what Rand Paul thinks, if it’s my loved one under a yellow sheet I don’t want your prayers, I want the power of your vote in congress. I want to know that the promises you make to “keep America safe” are going to apply to what actually happens here, not just the fear you’re selling to get elected.

You see, conservatives, you seem to think that because a shooting is by a “lone wolf” that it doesn’t matter. He’s just got mental issues. You think if it’s a Muslim it doesn’t matter. Gun control isn’t going to stop him. You think if it’s a black guy it’s a gang thing, unless the black guy is wearing a blue gang shirt with a badge, then he’s just doing his job. You refuse to blame the gun, and quite frankly it’s sickening.

How many people would be alive had just one minor detail changed, like the shooters having to reload after every 10th shot? It doesn’t matter if it’s Islamic terrorists or the good old fashioned American domestic breed, guns are way too easy to come by.

Featured image courtesy of the New York Daily News


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