This Heart-Wrenching Plea From An Oregon Teen Shows The True Terror Of The Bundy Militia (VIDEO)

A teen girl took the mic at a town meeting in Burns, Oregon and described perfectly just how much “patriotic” militias like the Bundys are, in fact, nothing more than domestic terrorist groups. Burns is the town being impacted from an ongoing armed occupation by the Bundy Militia, at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

15-year-old Ashlie Presley “stole the show” according to local news, when she made her statement during the meeting and explained how she and her friends are living in a state of terror every single day.

It turns out that having a band of armed militant idiots in your town doesn’t make people feel more safe. What a totally unexpected outcome!

Choking up, Ashlie addressed the crowd:

I am 15 and I’m a freshman in high school. Being here with all this honestly has scared me. And it shouldn’t. I should not have to be scared in my own hometown. I know that all of my friends have been scared and have come to me to know what to do.

The Bundy militia, and every other group of emotionally unstable people trying to fulfill their wish to murder other Americans with guns, needs to watch this. Perhaps it will force them to question exactly what they think they are accomplishing with their behavior.

Watch Ashlie’s full statement below:

featured image via video screen capture

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