These Racist Responses To Paris Attacks Will Make You Ashamed To Be An American (IMAGES)

In light of the Paris attacks, conservatives have proven once again that they don’t care about anyone but themselves. While tragedy tends to bring people together, Republicans would rather take this time to spew their hate instead of compassion.

I’m not surprised that Anne Coulter slithered her way to Twitter to use this tragic event to promote anti-immigration propaganda.

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Really? We’re going to blame gun control? Let’s compare the number gun deaths in France, to the number in the US: 0.06 per 100,000 people die in France by firearms, compared to 2.97 people in America. Maybe we should take notes.



Oh, the amount of ignorance in the one tweet alone is quite impressive. I didn’t realize murder and rape were brought over from the “third world” immigrants. And here I thought the first settlers made it a “thing.”

While I could go on and on posting more of Coulter’s ramblings, other idiots deserve a little spot light too. Like this Tweet:


This is one of the problems. Religion isn’t the issue. It’s terrorists. There are extremists in every religion, like Dylann Roof and Timothy McVeigh in America. Actually, in America we have a way bigger problem with homegrown, right-wing terrorists than Islamic terrorists. But why should facts get in that dipshit’s way?!


Yes! Because open carry and profiling seems like a great idea. Wait? Didn’t we do that after 9/11 and a lot of innocent people were hurt at the hands of crazy extremists?


You know those relatives that come over to family celebrations and don’t know how to act, so you are constantly apologizing for them? Yeah, those would be the Republicans.

Nevermind the hate, here is a Tweet  that I think perfectly sums up how most Americans are feeling at this time:


I hope the people of France will look past these tasteless Tweets and see that the American people are mourning with them in this time of tragedy.

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