The Reasons This Idaho Town Uses To Promote Fear And Guns Will Have You ROFL

The town of Greenleaf, Idaho seems to have forgotten its roots. Founded by pacifist Quakers and named for abolitionist John Greenleaf Whittier, the town’s population of 846 has undergone a conservative intelligectomy™ of late, replacing its founders’ peaceful mindset with one of paranoia and fear.

In 2007, the small town, which doesn’t have its own police force, passed a law requiring each household in the town to acquire a firearm and ammunition and seek training in gun safety. Yes, you heard that right, the town requires every home to be armed. The move came after the town was gripped by fear while watching the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

They definitely made the right move there. A city with a population of nearly a half a million people devastated by a storm that carried away their livelihoods, their homes, and all clean water and food is most definitely comparable to the almost 850 people in rural Idaho with fully stocked storm bunkers and an already non-existent crime rate.

It’s a shame that people feel the need to think like that, but hey, more power to them, right? How many of those homes with required firearms have issues behind closed doors that are potential powder kegs? Some think it is their business, and as long as the people living there are able to legally own and maintain a gun, its nobody’s concern but their own.

As with most ammosexual societies, however, Greenleaf has now decided to take their gun lunacy one step further. The City Council has declared that nowhere inside city limits is a gun-free zone, and they plan to put up signs, already donated and printed, to advertise just that.

City Councilman Steve Jett let his paranoia show when he said:

Myself, as a city councilman, and apparently the rest of the City Council agrees that gun-free zones are targets. If you look at the shootings that have happened, they are gun-free zones. Schools, malls and recently churches. I want people to know that this is not a gun-free zone, and we are not a target.

A suburb of Boise and on the border of nowhere, Greenleaf seems like a pleasant little town full of insanity that is paralyzed by the fear of things that happen thousands of miles away. A gulf coast hurricane that caused them to force everyone to buy a gun also prompted a requirement that everyone carry adequate stores of food and water. Now they want the world to know they aren’t afraid of becoming the next Charleston, South Carolina, a city of nearly half a million people 2500 miles away with racial tensions that go back 300 years or so.

In short, Greenleaf, its residents and its elected officials have jumped the shark of reality, and their signs that may as well say “keep driving or you may be shot” are living proof.


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