The Last Gun Shop In San Francisco Is Closing–Conservatives Blame The Gays (SCREENSHOTS)

San Francisco’s last bastion of ammosexuality is set to close at the end of October, citing overbearing city ordinances and a lack of support from the community. Steven Alcairo, owner of High Bridge Arms, made the announcement on Facebook, much to the chagrin of over-compensators across the country who are certain San Francisco will now fall into the hands of local criminals without a gun store to protect it.

The idea that more guns in a community will spare it from violence is, of course, a myth. Regardless of what an archaic and disproven 1980’s study says–and yes, that’s where the myth comes from, guns are used in defense of crime less than 1 percent of the time, while having a firearm in your home increases chances of a homicide by 90 percent.

None of that matters if you’re a right-wing nutjob. Your mission in life is to love Jesus, protect life at all costs and shoot people dead for committing petty crimes on the streets. Your talking points include admonition of gun-free zones, advocating instead for a gun in every American’s waistband to keep us all safe.

The entire premise is absolutely ridiculous. All you have to do is have a look around the civilized world and you’ll see what three hundred million guns in the hands of private citizens accomplishes. It accomplishes death. It destroys families. It keeps the fear-mongerers busy, filling the heads of the ill-informed with statistics that are irrelevant to guns. Paranoia runs rampant among the gun-toting right-wingers; the more they fear the more they buy.

Those fanatics are now taking to the hate pages they frequent, lamenting the loss of a gun shop they’ve never been to, blaming a city they see as filled with “dirty hippies and queers.” Those sentiments were repeated by the store’s owner when he said:

This is the city that defended gay marriage and fights for unpopular causes like medical marijuana. Where’s my support?

Unpopular? He must not have gotten the memo. Alcairo said the last nail in his store’s coffin was a new proposal that would have all sales video taped and turned over to police. He said the mere thought of such a thing drove business down over the summer, causing a massive loss of revenue, forcing him to lay people off.

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This time, it’s the idea of filming our customers taking delivery of items after they already completed waiting periods, Alcairo said.  We feel this is a tactic designed to discourage customers from coming to us.

The reasonable response to that was easy enough for Ladd Everett, spokesperson for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence:

If High Bridge Arms is so scared of implementing such a practice, my first question would be, ‘What do you have to hide?’ Why in the world aren’t we requiring all gun stores to record sales at this point?

The fact is, the American ammosexual lives in constant fear that the government is coming for their guns. They want nothing to do with transparency.  They fear federal agents will come breaking down their door to take away their only means to defend themselves from the kind of tyranny we as a nation experienced so heavily…between 1628 and 1781.

These reactions are what you’ll be able to find today wherever this story is published. These are from the crybabies at The Blaze:

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Yes, certainly the gays will ruin your good time. Don’t bother seeing some of the finest art, eating at some of the best restaurants or experiencing some of the most interesting history our country has to offer. There’s gay people there. They’ll be gay near you.


It won’t be long now. They may as well build a Trump-like wall around San Fran right now, for without a gun shop to provide law-abiding good guys with guns their weaponry, the city will surely fall.


Oh no! Illegal aliens too? My goodness those people are all doomed. And at the hands of our own government no less. Yes, the feds routinely influence local ordinances so they can run guns into places like San Francisco.

Just think, these are but four comments out of the thousands spread around the Internet. This mentality actually exists. Until we can eradicate this ridiculous way of thinking that is spread far and wide through the local governments of red states, we’ll be stuck with unlimited guns on our streets.

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