The Colorado GOP Gives A Big F*ck You To Aurora Massacre Victims As The Trial Gets Underway

The Colorado GOP is sending a strong message to the families who lost loved ones in the Aurora theater shooting: your loved ones aren’t as important as our penis extensions.

As jury selection was underway in the trial of James Holmes, the gunman who massacred 12 and injured 70 at an Aurora theater in 2012, Colorado Senators advanced bills meant to butcher the gun control measures the state passed after the shooting.

Taking advantage of their new Senate majority, a committee advanced a bill introduced by Republican Kent Lambert which would repeal expanded background-check requirements on private and online gun sales. They also advanced a bill allowing anyone over 21 to carry a concealed weapon without a permit, except on school grounds.

While it is a big ammosexual victory, it will likely be short-lived as the House is controlled by Democrats and so is the governor’s office.

As a matter of fact, as those bills were advancing in Senate committees the House shot down 5 other lax gun laws introduced by Republicans. The votes came after testimony from Aurora victims’ families and even Sandy Hook family members who urged the House to vote no on the bills.

The Republican attack on the online gun laws are especially galling. James Holmes received 6 shipments of ammo from an online retailer before his massacre.

You’d think that as the families of the victims who lost their lives, and the survivors of the shooting, prepare to have all of this dredged up again, that their lawmakers would show some d*mn respect and leave the gun laws alone.

Nope, not Republicans.

Republicans could care less about their mourning constituents because the constituents can’t possibly give them as much money as the NRA does, so feck those people.

This is the kind of behavior that leads intelligent voters to look at Republicans and ask,”WTF is wrong with you?”

This is the kind of behavior that makes us think that you have to sell your soul before joining the party of ammosexuals who have no compassion for victims of violence, especially gun violence.

In the world of the Republican Party  nothing, and I do mean NOTHING, is more important than protecting their penis extensions.

Dead kids? Who cares.

Dead moms? No big deal!

Dead fathers, husbands, wives, cops, grandparents, etc.? Not as important than the Second Amendment.


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