Tea Party Official Banned From Schools After Describing His Plan For Killing Students (VIDEO)

New Hampshire elected official, Jorge Mes-Tejada,  has been barred from school grounds after he went into graphic and disgusting detail, describing how he would use his “Marine Corps training” to ambush and kill school children.

The Tea Party lunatic sits in opposition to a $4.5 million construction bond that would pay for the construction of new school buildings. The new buildings are needed for several reasons, but Jorge seemed to take exception with one reason in particular. One of the new construction features would be that they offered children more protection from a mass shooter or sniper attack.

Based on today’s situation, we can have snipers anywhere shooting people and all that, they might be shot,” he said. “Well, that’s true, it could happen — but based on my Marine Corps training, if I wanted to really do harm, I wouldn’t do it while they’re going from the portables to the main building. I would wait until recess. I would hide in the woods behind them and I’d have a field day.

What can you really even attempt to say to this? “Someone will figure out a way to kill your kids, so we can do nothing to try to protect them,” is basically what this jerk is saying.

Thankfully the credible threat this man poses was taken seriously and he was barred from entering school property. One has to question the man’s fitness to continue owning guns as well at this point. When an elected official tries to say we shouldn’t do what we can to protect our children, because a “criminal will kill them anyway,” it means they have become obsolete as a governmental official. When they describe how THEY would be the criminal, it’s time for them to be locked away.

Watch and listen to a “Tea Party” response to as to why protecting the town’s children is a bad idea below:

Featured image via video screen capture

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