Seriously? Texas Bans Signs Banning Guns So Gun Owners Aren’t ‘Intimidated’

Texas is dead deadly serious about the second amendment. A new law passed by an overwhelming majority makes it illegal for cities and towns to place signs banning legally carried firearms or with wording that would “intimidate gun owners.”

Exceptions to the rule are polling places, courthouses and on private property.

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Not on that list are school parking lots, driveways and what are commonly referred to as “buffer zones,” playgrounds, movie theaters, biker bars, high-crime neighborhoods and other places where gun violence hits hardest. That means as long as the lunatic about to kill a bunch of innocent people is carrying his gun “legally,” there will be no warning for him to stop.

But hey, criminals don’t obey laws anyway, so why bother?

The law also means a community like Waco, after the violence it witnessed from biker gangs, couldn’t enact a law barring legally carried guns from places that serve alcohol. In Texas, only concealed handguns are legal. Long guns are legal to carry openly, even though to do so makes you look absolutely absurd.

Enacting a common-sense law like a gun-free zone in a place like Waco would probably be a good idea, but they won’t be able to once Governor Abbott signs the bill, which is a certainty.

Private land and business owners will still have the right to post gun bans if they so desire, but come on; this is Texas we’re talking about. Business owners are more likely to offer a discount to gun owners than to ask them to leave their guns at home.

If a community does break the law by prohibiting guns in their playgrounds, ball parks and community pool areas, they can be fined $1,000 for the first offense and $15,000 for subsequent offenses.

Looks like the good guys with the guns will be able to save you from criminals no matter where you go in Texas.


Featured image via Charles Topher

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