S.C. Bill Would Force Public Schools To Teach Kids About Guns With Only NRA Approved Material

Imagine if your state forced your child to endure a three-week course on the Second Amendment. Now imagine that the state also said the curriculum must either be created or approved by the National Rifle Association. That’s what legislators in South Carolina are proposing.

Rep. Alan Clemmons (R-Ammosexualville) has introduced a bill that mandates schools to establish a three-week educational unit that focuses solely on the Second Amendment. The bill also requires that the curriculum must either be created or approved by the NRA.

Finally, it would declare December 15 to be Ammosexual Second Amendment Awareness Day in public schools, every year. On this day children can submit posters or essays for a contest with the theme “The Right To Bear Arms: One American Right Protecting All Others.”

No word on what the prize will be, perhaps a free assault rifle to be used in a future school shooting.

December 15 is an interesting date to make Gun Nut Awareness Day. It is the day after the anniversary of the Sandy Hook massacre. Insensitive much?

Clemmons said he drafted the law after a student was arrested over an essay he wrote saying he’d buy a gun to shoot his neighbor’s pet dinosaur.

He said:

“Zero-tolerance policies have squelched any discussion of the Second Amendment in schools. We are giving short shrift to the one amendment that protects all others.”

That sounds really patriotic, but when was the last time you remember the Second Amendment protecting your freedom in ‘Murika? I haven’t seen any well-regulated militias protecting my freedoms lately.

If Clemmons’ bill wasn’t bad enough, there’s another that goes even further!

Sen. Lee Bright (R-Idiotville) would establish an elective class that would allow kids to be bussed off campus to a gun range and learn how to fire the weapons.

That doesn’t sound like an accident waiting to happen at all!

Seriously, what the hell is going on here?

Our children are sent to school to learn about things that are supposed to make them smarter. These politicians are using kids to further their political interests and line lobbyists’, like the NRA’s, pockets with state money that should go towards new books NOT a bunch of guns.

The right wants to Second Amendment the crap out of kids all while screaming freedom, but it’s really all about making campaign contributors happy.

Because… ‘Murika!

Featured image via rackjite.com

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