Road Raging Texan Shoots Woman In Head – Causes Her To Smash Car Into Pole

A 20-year-old University of North Texas student was the latest person to experience “Texan freedom” when a road raging individual shot her in the head, causing her to crash into a pole in Denton, leaving her in critical condition.

The student was driving with 3 passengers when an SUV pulled up next to their vehicle at approximately 2:00 a.m. The occupants of both vehicles exchanged some words and then it was Second Amendment time.

An armed society has yet again failed to prove that it was also a “polite” society, as so many gun enthusiasts like to say.

Someone in the SUV apparently felt threatened by unarmed young women sitting in a vehicle, so they opened fire, striking the driver in the head and causing her vehicle to strike another car before coming to rest smashed firmly into a utility pole. The drivers of the SUV fled the scene.

The driver is currently in critical condition at Denton Regional Medical center. One of her passengers was treated and released with minor injuries.

This latest tragedy comes only 2 hours after a new Texas law permitting open carry of firearms went into effect starting with the new year. Surely these girls would have gone on their way safely if they only had been able to show they were “openly” carrying firearms.

The year is not off to a very good start as far as gun violence goes. A young girl was also shot during a massive wave of celebratory gunfire. Thank a Republican voter you know, for helping bring in the new year with a “bang.”

Featured image via Youtube

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