Right-Wing Open Carry ‘Patriot’ Shoots And Kills His 3 and 4-Year-Old Sons (IMAGES)

Guns don’t kill people. You need good guys with guns patrolling the streets. Who else will save you if you’re being raped or mugged? The only way to stop the gun violence is with more guns.

Even though all of those incredibly ridiculous arguments have probably been uttered by Shawn Fuller, 30, of Statesville, North Carolina, he still managed to point his deadly weapon at his three and four-year-old sons and pull the trigger, killing them. He then turned the gun on himself, and in one last act of stupidity, failed to do the job right. He is currently in critical condition in the hospital as his wife tries to raise money to bury her children.

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The right has already turned this tragedy into an issue that doesn’t really involve guns, since guns are perfectly safe. They insist this is just another sad case of a man with mental health issues who couldn’t control the madness.

That may very well be true. However, there are mitigating circumstances that put his children’s lives at risk. First and foremost, Fuller was a card-carrying member of the confederate flag-loving, Obama-hating, gun-toting extreme right. He believed in guns as a solution to all things. He carried his weapon everywhere, and wouldn’t go to stores where he wasn’t welcome.

The culture of “conservative patriotism” consumed Shawn Fuller, and when the time came for him to lose his mind, his weapon was holstered and ready. Here’s a sampling of the kinds of things Fuller had on his Facebook profile:





How can you really tell a person is out of their mind? When they share Jade Helm conspiracy theories from right-wing lunatic Brian Kolfage’s propaganda mill of a website:

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Kolfage was lucky enough to have this dirtbag hate Muslims as much as he does:



Fuller is your state of the art, right-wing extremist. The likes on his page includes “revolutionaries” like “the III%ers” and “The Oathkeepers.” He loved religion, guns, ammo and Fox News. He’s infatuated with the train wreck that is Brian Kolfage. Those children were never safe, and now they’re dead.

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The Charlotte Observer reported that the behavior Fuller said he liked on Facebook was very much how his home life went. There were always multiple vehicles at his house, as he and his redneck buddies loved to get drunk and shoot guns. The shooting was so disturbing that one neighbor lost his girlfriend; she moved out because she couldn’t handle it.

What don’t these people get? When you love God and guns first and your family second, you’re headed for tragedy. Accidental deaths and murders like these take far too many of our children each year.

At some point the madness really needs to stop.

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