‘Responsible Gun Owner’ Threatens To Kill 2 People Over Fresh Road kill In ‘Elk Rage’ Incident


In yet another example of “An armed society is a polite society,” a man now sits in the Bozeman, Montana jail for threatening to kill two people who were going to salvage roadkill from a highway near his house.

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Kenrick Workman, 52, was arrested at approximately 5:15 pm Saturday following an altercation that started when an elk was hit by a passing vehicle on Highway 84.

Two men stopped to check on the elk hoping to salvage it for meat, Madison County Sheriff Roger Thompson said. Workman saw the two men from his home, located off the highway, and drove down to the scene in his car.

The two guys clearly are amateurs at this. You never should get between fresh roadkill and a hillbilly ‘gun enthusiast’ in the wild.

This is where all the problems started. Somehow an argument started over the elk. Workman then took it upon himself to start a fight by pushing one of the men. Quickly realizing he was outnumbered 2:1, he decided to even up the odds with the gun that he had in his car, threatening to shoot both of the men.

The sheriff dubbed the situation an “elk rage” incident. I believe that the problem lied with the individual and not with the poor elk on this one. Let’s call it an a-hole gun nut incident instead.

The two men didn’t seem to think that roadkill was worth invoking the 2nd amendment over, so they called the cops to report the incident. In the meantime, Workman retreated to his home where he was then promptly arrested on outstanding DUI charges, as well as resisting arrest and assault with a firearm.

Workman is currently being held at the Gallatin County jail on no bond. A hearing has yet to be scheduled.

There was no statement by authorities on the status of the roadkill.

featured image via youtube screen capture

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