‘Responsible Gun Owner’ Shoots Himself In The Butt While Trying To Poop At The Mall

A 24-year old ‘responsible gun owner’ from Indiana landed himself in the hospital when he accidentally Second Amendmented himself in the butt while using the restroom at the local mall.

According to the police report, the man had been using the restroom and was trying to put his .45-caliber handgun back into his holster when somehow, the gun accidentally fired and the man suddenly realized the horrible truth, he had just blown his ass off.

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The bullet entered his right buttock and exited through his right leg. The man was taken to a local hospital for medical treatment. Unlike Forrest Gump, this genius doesn’t even have a decent story to tell.

As reported by our friends at Freak Out Nation: “The holster rests inside of the man’s waistband along the right hip. On the plus side, the gun and holster were not harmed during the shooting. The NRA is thrilled.”

In addition to the hole this ‘good guy with a gun’ blew in his own butt cheek, a piece of the tile floor in the restroom also sustained significant injuries in the incident.

Accidental shootings occur in America on a daily basis. This time at least, it was an adult who managed to shoot himself and not a child. According to a recent report by the Washington Post, a minimum of 23 toddlers have been involved in accidental shootings just this year, and we are only in the first week of May.

You can almost hear the conservative logic. If only there had been another armed person in need of a potty break at the mall when this man was there. They could have defended him from his own stupidity and shot him themselves. Because, obviously, the only possible way to stem the ever increasing number of gun deaths in the United States is for more people to have more guns. It only makes sense, right? More deadly weapons will equal less dead people. Sounds totally legit.

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