‘Responsible Gun Owner’ Shoots And Kills A 4-Year-Old In Road Rage Incident, Flees Scene

A 4-year-old little girl in New Mexico had her life cut short because American ammosexuals can’t help but be armed at all times. A road-rage incident came to an end when the killer pulled alongside a family vehicle carrying a mother, father and child and opened fire, striking the girl in the head.

The perpetrator, most likely your common Second Amendment loving ‘Murican “patriot,” fled the scene of the crime. Police are looking for the other vehicle involved and are asking anyone with information to call (505) 242-COPS.

Witnesses to the incident said they witnessed the two vehicles in an obvious road rage situation, with one vehicle trying to pass and the other blocking them. The shooter, in a red sedan, made a conscious decision to fire his weapon into the back seat of the truck where a child was riding.

Albuquerque Police Chief Gorden Eden told reporters on Tuesday:

This should have never happened. This is a complete disrespect of human life. This is something we’re seeing throughout our nation.

Gun nuts will blame this on anything but the gun. They’ll say it was a crime, so the gun didn’t matter. They’ll claim it was mental illness if it turns out the shooter was right-wing extremist. They’ll claim it was a “thug” if it was a person of color, therefore the gun doesn’t matter.

Anything to exonerate the gun. The fact is, it is the gun. It’s the culture of guns; the way they’re glorified. No matter what the shooter’s situation, mindset or skin color, he wouldn’t have killed that toddler from a moving vehicle with anything other than a gun.

Maybe someday people in this country will wake up and smell the blood we’re shedding so senselessly. This was a four-year-old little girl. Even if her parents were guilty of road rage, that deserves a ticket or perhaps a court date. Because we’re a country where a gun is an acceptable option for almost any situation, their punishment is to lose their daughter…forever. Let that sink in.

At some point the madness needs to stop.

Featured image via screen capture

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