Republicans And The NRA Are In Full Panic Mode Over What Obama Is Going To Do About Gun Murder

Yet again, President Obama has had to stand before the nation and offer the same old routine: Condolences and a plea for Congress to do literally anything to address gun violence, mass murder, and domestic terrorism.

With the wind at his back during one of the strongest second terms ever, our president has no f*cks left to give and is saying to the NRA, “Come at me Bro.”

President Obama is set to use an executive order to push an agenda on gun safety law, which includes universal background checks on high-volume gun dealers. The law would require any dealer that exceeds a certain threshold of gun sales to obtain a license from the ATF, and perform background checks on every potential buyer. The most important feature of this is, it is an executive order and NOT up to the NRA’s bought Republican politicians. This means it can actually happen.

Democrats have been calling for better gun control legislation to be passed for a long time, particularly since the Sandy Hook shooting in Newtown Connecticut. When this happened, and the nation was still able to be shocked by firearm mass murder, President Obama and congressional Democrats called for a bi-partisan bill to be passed into law requiring universal background checks. The bill was prepared and was polling very high. Then, Senate Republicans destroyed any chance this bill had of passing, despite both Democrats and Republicans polling over 80% in favor of it. The Republicans have blocked literally ANY gun control law in recent years, bowing to their NRA masters and the right wing lunatic fringe.

It seems we finally may have hit something of a tipping point, in regards to the devil-may-care attitude had by many regarding laws designed to prevent firearm mass murder. Obama has said that the U.S. has become numb to mass shootings — and he is right. When this happens it is literally the same old thing. Mass coverage, “expert” analysis, our president mourns with the nation and Republicans and the NRA scream that we can do nothing but allow it to happen again. “Don’t politicize it,” they say. “It’s too soon,” they say.

The next time any Republican a-hole says that it is too soon to talk about gun safety legislation, or that we should not politicize it, wait for the next natural disaster to hit a red state. When it happens, tell them it is too soon to talk about federal disaster aid and they should stop trying to politicize it. Perhaps suggest they should just pray to fix their state, because the answer to natural disaster relief, is not to take away other peoples’ money via taxes to help them.

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