Read Emotional Texts Between San Bernardino Shooting Victims And Loved Ones (IMAGES)

Inside the building in San Bernardino where tragedy struck on Wednesday, terrified people turned to their loved ones by way of text message. As friends and relatives waited nearby for confirmation that those they care for were safe, they shared some of their very personal and emotional moments with news crews.

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There isn’t a whole lot to say here. We already know that yet another shooting massacre has taken more innocent lives. Hopefully, these images and videos provide a bit of solace by showing us all that, even in the midst of all of the hate and violence, there was kindness and concern — words of comfort from those who couldn’t reach out and hold their loved ones.

This was the conversation one man had with his daughter Holly, who works in the building

Gina, a worker at Inland Regional Center, sent this text to her sister as the gunmen stormed the building

This man could barely keep his composure as he read texts from his terrified daughter:

The Inland Regional Center treats tens of thousands of developmentally disabled people, many of whom are children. The shooting is believed to have been in an area that was rented out for a conference. Here’s raw video of first responders doing what they do best: caring about people as they treat them:


As the story unfolds, only one thing is certain: The victims and witnesses of this travesty are people. Human beings with lives and families. Whoever perpetrated this heinous crime had better not have done it in the name of “patriotism.”

Not in my country.

Featured image via Mail.UK

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