Poor Planner Patriot Filled Own House With Bombs For The Stupidest Reason Ever (VIDEO)

A true Florida ‘patriot’ was so overflowing with freedom, that mere bullets and guns were unable to make a bold enough statement about how much he loved America. Instead, he decided to start filling his home with bombs.

Michael Ramos was taken into custody by ATF agents when they raided his Tampa home. Tampa Fox 13 reported that along with bombs, tear gas canisters and smoke bombs were also recovered. Authorities were tipped off on Ramos’s shenanigans when his business partner spotted the bombs within his home. Kenneth Ray O’Neill, his business partner, owned Patriot Armor Inc – a company that makes body armor for law enforcement and firefighters.

Ramos said he built the bombs for “self-defense.” His own home is full of bombs, to protect… him? Let’s let that sink in.

Ramos told his business partner that he created the bombs from material he bought at Home Depot and online. Some of them had birdshot inside of them, with Ramos saying it would kill the neighbors if they went off. O’Neill asked him to get rid of the bombs or he would contact the police. When he checked up on the status of them, Ramos said that he was afraid to get rid of them because he didn’t know how to do so. This is when O’Neill called the authorities.

After being apprehended, authorities found Ramos’s Facebook page was loaded with anti-government rhetoric and incitement to create “armed militias” to regulate government before they take away everyone’s rights. There is an irony with someone manufacturing something FOR government (police and firefighters) while they are against government.

Watch local news coverage of the lunatic below:

Featured image via video screen capture

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