Police Report: Track Palin’s Violent Assault Was Way Worse Than We Thought

Track Palin, son of the queen of incoherent ramblings herself, Sarah Palin, was arrested for a domestic violence incident on Monday. We knew that he got drunk, punched his girlfriend in the face and had a gun, but the specific details of the harrowing confrontation are way worse than first reported.

According to the police report, officers responded to the 911 call of a woman saying she had been “punched in the face.” She also said a “firearm was involved.” While officers were on their way, Palin called 911 as well and said that the girl was drunk.

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When the officers arrived, they found the angry Palin boy outside talking on his cell phone. He had bloodshot eyes, smelled strongly of alcohol, and had a “visible injury” to his eye.

Officer Andrew Kappler reported that when started questioning the drunken Palin he was “uncooperative, belligerent, and evasive.” He refused to tell the officer what had happened and claimed he had no idea where his victim was. She had yet to be located.

He also maintained that there was no gun involved, but did say that like any other respectable Republican home, there were several guns scattered throughout the house.

Officer Kappler then put handcuffs on Palin because of his “escalating hostility” and the fact that they still had no idea where the woman was who had called 911.

Just a few moments later, other officers at the scene found Palin’s victim hiding under a bed in a dark bedroom, sobbing. She was “visibly distraught” and had an “obvious injury to her head.”

The tearful woman, who said she was Track’s girlfriend, told officers that they had been arguing. She said he was calling her names and they were screaming at one another. She tried to get him to calm down and back off by telling him that she had called 911, even though at that point she hadn’t.

At this point, Palin went full trailer-trash and punched her in the face with a closed fist. Not knowing what else to do, the terrified woman curled up on the ground in the fetal position while he continued to kick her.

To keep her from being able to call for help, he had thrown her phone across the driveway. When she was able to get up, she found her phone and went into the house, but Palin had already made it inside too. He was lying in wait for her with his AR15 clutched in his hands. He started shouting suicidal threats, yelling “do you think I’m a pussy?” and “do you think I won’t do it?” He then “cocked the gun” and held it pointed at his face with his finger on the trigger.

The victim was terrified, fearing that he was going to shoot himself. She fled outside and ran around the house. She didn’t see where her abusive boyfriend had gone, but she eventually made it to the relative safety of her hiding spot under the bed. After a short time, the crazed Palin came looking for her, but he left when he couldn’t find her. Officers found Palin’s assault rifle on the kitchen counter.

Sarah Palin has tried to place the blame for her son’s choice to get hammered and beat the hell out of his girlfriend at President Obama’s feet, a thoroughly ridiculous notion. Maybe she should spend a little less time trying to be a TV star and endorsing GOP hate-mongers, and a little more time trying to take care of her woman-beating son.

The full police report can be found at Gawker.

Featured image via video screen capture.

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