Pittsburgh Open Carry Gun Nuts To Patrol For Anti-Trump Protesters During Town Hall

In the hopes of deterring people from protesting the bigoted front-runner’s town hall event, supporters of Donald Trump are planning to open carry assault rifles while patrolling the streets of Pittsburgh on Wednesday. Gee. What could possibly go wrong here?

A group posted on Reddit calling for other like-minded ammosexuals to come join them in strutting around town with their firearms, hoping to intimidate anybody who doesn’t agree with their fascist billionaire hero. Trump is holding a town hall meeting with Fox News’ Sean Hannity inside the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall in Pittsburgh on Wednesday evening.

Pittsburgh’s public safety office issued a statement about the posts that said Pittsburgh Police were aware of the threat and would be monitoring the situation. Kathy Humphrey, senior vice chancellor of the University of Pittsburgh, issued a statement that basically said do your thing and play with your penis substitutes guns, but keep them the hell away from University grounds. (I’m paraphrasing here, of course, the actual statement worded it just a little differently.)

The original post was removed from Reddit, but screenshots have been making rounds on social media. However, some responses from the author of the original post, ElDuderino412, do still remain online. In addition to threatening potential protesters, he cites the state’s “castle doctrine,” which is similar to Florida’s “stand your ground” law. Pennsylvania though, requires that the assailant be carrying a lethal weapon for the “castle doctrine” to be invoked.

I hope any ‘protesters’ who think it might be a good idea to pull some of the crap that we’ve seen done elsewhere remember Pennsylvania has a castle doctrine. I would not hold people against their will with illegal roadblocks or any other tactics.

People have been paid to intimidate others and cause havoc as a way of protesting Trump… That will NOT happen in Pittsburgh. We are prepared to defend ourself against all attempts at harm or kidnapping (roadblocks for example). Time to show we are taking this country back and no one will stop us!

Even fellow gun lovers are able to  see the potential problems with this scenario. Jim Mann, an open-carry advocate in the Pittsburgh area, said he is “a firm believer in the Second Amendment in regards to open and concealed carry. With that being said, I myself would not participate in this kind of event.  I believe this could end badly… This guy sounds like a nut job.”

Featured image via Kera News

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