People In One Wisconsin Town Are Really Angry At A Gun Store, But Not Because Of Guns

It’s tough to offend gun lovers. Gun lovers aren’t offended when a mentally ill person is able to buy a gun and he murders nine church parishioners.

They aren’t offended when 20 children and six adults are murdered in a school. I could go on naming the gun crimes that don’t seem to bother gun lovers in the least, but what does bother them is implied bad language.

A gun store in the tiny Wisconsin town of St. Croix got a little too clever with their name, according to residents. It’s called “F-Bomb Ordnance,” a term that even gets by the Google sensors (if you’ve ever wondered why we don’t swear in headlines, that’s why).

But, oh the children!!!

The pearl clutching has begun:

At a city council meeting, Amy Klein – between whiffs of smelling salts – objected to the store’s phraseology: ‘The innuendo around it is enough that it really lowers the standards in this community… I just think that we as a community need to hold ourselves to higher standards. . .’

Source: The Truth About Guns

Another resident said, in the same meeting:

“’What do we want our river city to become?’ resident Loreen Clayton-Morrell reportedly said in the meeting. ‘Lots of hodgepodge? Do you want your children seeing the F-Bomb sign? What’s going to happen next, a strip joint? That’s the innuendo. Take down the sign, do something about this.’

Source: CBS Local Minnesota

The gun shop, naturally, is claiming it’s a Second Amendment issue and that they’re really going after them because of what they sell and not their name. That’s not likely, though, since there are other shops that sell guns in town.

Mayor Blesi, however, doesn’t see the business’ signage as a First or Second Amendment issue.

‘It’s a local ordinance issue, and it’s related to how visitors and people within the community perceive a business on Main Street,’ he said. ‘What perception do we want visitors to our community to have and to leave with?’

To be fair, some have complained about a gun store being on Main Street, but the vast majority of outrage comes over the implied swear word. Seriously. I wonder how offended they are by the 10,000 children killed by guns every year.

NOTE: I was contacted by a resident of the town who said residents were offended by the gun shop itself but that the town had no ordinance to get rid of it. The only recourse they have, according to the resident, is to protest the name.

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