Open-Carry Enthusiast Kills A Woman Who Complained Of Sexual Harassment

Twenty-year-old Andrea Farrington thought her work at the Coral Ridge Mall’s information desk was a “dream job,” The (Cedar Rapids, Iowa) Gazette reported. And even though she already complained about sexual harassment from mall guard Alexander Kozak.

That dream became a nightmare, though – one so horrible that Farrington can no longer wake up from it – because Kozak shot her three times in the back, killing her in that same workplace, on the night of June 12.

He also killed his own cause. As his Facebook page reveals, Kozak, 22, was a gun-toting, open-carry promoting, military enthusiast, decorating his social media page with photos and memes of Tea Party and NRA-type messages. His Facebook page is also personalized with photos of weapons and even “The Anarchist’s Cookbook,” a “how-to” guide on building explosives.

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According to The Gazette, Kosak was a gun enthusiast who had recently shopped at Costco while carrying a sidearm, apparently in support of the open-carry sentiment currently promoted by gun lobbyists.

Despite his newlywed status, which is indicated by Facebook photos from his wedding in September 2014, Kozak had been sexually harassing Farrington for weeks, a friend of the victim told media. Farrington, who would have turned 21 on June 15, had already complained about Kozak’s advances to his supervisors, the friend said.

Apparently, seeing the complainant at the mall on Friday night was more than Kozak could handle. He left the mall to get his personal weapon from home, then returned. Finding her at the mall’s information desk, he then shot Farrington three times in the back, killing her on the spot.

Shortly after fleeing the mall, Kozak was arrested without incident. He quickly admitted to the killing, police said, and is now held in lieu of a $10-million bail while awaiting trial for first-degree murder.

Featured image by Adam Westley/The Gazette, applied to Facebook page of Alexander Kozak

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