Open-Carry Activist Second Amendments Husband And Step-Daughter

Those who knew the gun enthusiast said they were ‘Not surprised’

Tragedy struck Wednesday in Arlington, TX at the home of Veronica Dunnachie, who is accused of shooting and killing her husband, Russ Dunnachie, 50, and adult step-daughter, Kimberly Dunnachie, 20. Three other children that were Veronica’s biological children were reported to be out of the home at the time and were unharmed.

After killing her husband and step-daughter, Veronica tried to drive herself to Millwood Hospital, a Texas mental hospital, but was arrested  and charged with capital murder and taken into custody.

Veronica was in the process of divorcing her estranged husband and a court ordered that she move out of her home by the end of the month.

Veronica was part of an open-carry activist group in Arlington called Open Carry Tarrant County. Dunnachie’s was an avid gun enthusiast who participated in many open-carry marches, including taking guns into Target before the chain “respectfully requested” customers do not bring guns into their stores.

Gun enthusiast second amendments husband and step-daughter during a domestic dispute. Facebook

Gun enthusiast second amendments husband and step-daughter during a domestic dispute. Facebook

Before the murders, Veronica posted a chilling message about the events to come.

It read:

Sometimes removing people out of your life makes room for better people.

Hopefully Veronica’s cellmate fills that void.

The Open Carry Tarrant County website and Facebook page makes no mention of the double homicide by one of it’s avid members, but a post by the group’s leader, C.J. Grisham, mentions the tragedy:

Others who commented on Grisham’s post were worried about the media making open-carry activists look bad because of Veronica’s actions.

It’s important to note, the media doesn’t make gun owners look bad, murderers do. And so do the overwhelming statistics that show people are more likely to be shot by someone who is known to them, rather than a stranger.

According to a Futures without Violence fact sheet:

Access to firearms increases the risk of intimate partner homicide more than five times more than in instances where there are no weapons, according to a recent study.

While most statistics list females as the majority in the receiving end of gun violence by an intimate partner, it’s clear that guns play a major role in the power dynamic of a jilted spouse if they are not happy with the way the relationship is going and increases the risk that the a firearm will be used in the event of a spat.

H/T: Fortress America | Photo: Facebook

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