NRA Jumps The Shark, Encourages Parents To Store Guns In Kids’ Rooms

Well, it’s official: The NRA has lost its fucking mind. They are so dedicated to selling as many guns as possible on behalf of their gun industry masters that they’ve started to deliberately place children at unnecessary risk. At an NRA conference, it’s been revealed that the new way to “keep your family safe” is to, and someone said this with a straight face, store a gun in your child’s bedroom:

Rob Pincus, who owns the popular firearm instruction company I.C.E. Training, paced across a conference room stage as he repeatedly warned against the threat of violent home invasions. After establishing that filling one’s home with weapons is the only solution, he then recommended that gun owners store firearms in their kids’ rooms for easy access.

“Why would you consider staging a firearm inside a child’s room?” he told the few hundred NRA members in attendance. “It’s the first place I’m going to go! As I’ve said…many times, if your kid is going to break into the safe just because it’s in their room, you have a parenting issue, not a home defense issue.

This goes well beyond reckless and straight into “clear and present danger to society” territory. And I promise you, if a parent takes his advice and their child ends up dead, the NRA will take zero responsibility for it. After all, they’re there to get you to buy more guns. What happens after that isn’t their problem.

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But it gets so much worse:

A woman toward the front raised her hand and discussed her duty to “ensure” that unauthorized people don’t get their hands on her firearms. Pincus immediately toned down her response.

“Ensure is a strong word,” he said. “So I’m going to say we have an obligation to try to prevent unauthorized access.” He added that hidden, instead of locked or secured, is a perfectly appropriate way to secure a gun.

I will bet my left kidney that if Pincus has small children, he does not hide a gun in their room. He is there to sell guns and the lives of your children is a price he’s happy to pay.

Remember, these are the same people that went nuclear when doctors started asking parents if they owned a gun and if they were keeping it secure. The NRA pretended it was an invasion of privacy (doctors ask about whether or not you smoke, drink, do drugs, exercise, have unprotected sex, etc. but asking about GUNS is off limits?) but the real problem was discussing guns as the risk to children that they are. This has the side effect of making people less likely to risk the lives of their kids by having a gun in the house. In other words, informed parents cut into gun industry profits.

Guns locked up in a safe in your kid’s room are still a danger but simply hiding them instead of putting them under lock and key? Pure madness. That is just begging for a tragedy. Anyone suggesting otherwise is either dangerously delusional or completely unconcerned with your child’s safety.

Take a wild guess which one applies to the NRA.

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