NRA Caught Using Fake Photo To Appear More Ethnically And Gender Diverse (IMAGES)

The NRA apparently wants to get rid of the public persona that most of their supporters are “white males.” They were recently caught red-handed altering a generic photo from Getty Images, and circulating it as pro-gun propaganda on their website. The image is supposed to project the image that their supporters are ethnically-diverse and women are an active part of their movement.

In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact,  81% of their membership is male, according to their own website. But, who could blame them for wanting to appeal to a wider-base? It’s just that, they couldn’t find a better way to do it? They had to go ahead and do this, instead?

This is very plainly, flat-out misleading to the American people and it’s this kind of propaganda that needs to be called out.

Under the captions of the photo on their website read the words:

Thanks to NRA members and Second Amendment supporters all across the country, America’s gun owners rang-in in the New Year with 85 new, NRA-backed, pro-gun bills on the books. Governors in 32 states signed bills expanding our freedoms into law.

Now, back to reality.

Here is a photo of the real image:

Here is the real "un-doctored" photo. Pic via the slate.

Here is the original photo. Pic via slate.

In the photo you see two Asian-Americans, one young black male, and two white women; one to represent the younger generation, and another to let the older generation know, “Hey, don’t worry – you’re not being forgotten. We are just going to make you female for purposes of this advertisement.”

While this is clearly a lie in an attempt to appear more diverse, one has to wonder if the goal is to recruit more rank-and-file members from these groups. Are times changing from the 1980’s, when Ronald Reagan and his supporters at the NRA were so against minorities having weapons that they actually lobbied against guns? According to the NRA, the Black Panthers weren’t exactly the “well-regulated militia” that white, conservatives had in mind when talking about the Second Amendment. A few decades later, the NRA seems to have soften its stance.

If this is the type of change the NRA is looking for, then maybe the ends justify the means. Having a more representative pool from the American people, if this were genuinely the case, is not a bad thing. But, as of right now, it appears that this failed tactic just makes them seem even more fake and untrustworthy, than they already were.

H/T: Sun Show Monster | Featured Image: Sun Show Monster

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