13-Year-Old Boy Killed After Bullet Travels Through Hotel Wall From Stranger’s Room

A 13-year-old boy out of Lewisville, N.C. is dead after a bullet traveled through the wall of a room at the Comfort Suites hotel in Raleigh and struck him. The young boy, Nathan Andrew Clark, was sharing the hotel room with his parents at the time of the incident.

Freak Shooting Accident

Police say that the shooter, Randall Louis Vater, is a complete stranger to the victim and his parents. The two were simply boarding in adjacent rooms in the hotel at the time. The incident occurred around 11 p.m. on Nov. 14 when Vater’s gun discharged and sent a bullet through the shared wall of Clark’s room. Police were called to the hotel, but the young boy was declared dead on the scene.

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As of early Saturday morning, Vater was incarcerated at the Wake County jail under a $1 million bond until he goes for his first court appearance on Nov. 17. He is now facing involuntary manslaughter charges along with an additional charge related to his possession of the gun even though he’s a convicted felon.

Accidental Shooting By Convicted Felon

Vater has a litany of previous convictions, both violent and non-violent, in his criminal record. These include felony breaking and entering, communicating threats and several domestic violence charges. On Oct. 25, he was released from jail after serving time for violating a protective order.

Nathan Andrew Clark was in Raleigh for a soccer tournament at the time of the incident. Police state that the discharge that led to Clark’s death was a complete accident.

A Bad Guy With A Gun

North Carolina has gun laws in effect that should have stopped Vater from purchasing his weapon even from a private seller had the law been followed. For individuals who want little to no gun laws, this will undoubtedly serve as an example of how bad guys can still get guns even in the face of restrictive gun laws.

In reality, though, Vater being a felon had nothing to do with this shooting. That is just a random fact related to the incident. This is nothing more than another example of how irresponsible gun owners, who unfortunately have just as much right to own a gun as anyone else in most cases, are causing senseless deaths unrelated to self defense across America every single day.

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