Michael Moore Returns Fire At Fox ‘News’ Over ‘Sniper’ Tweet: ‘Quit Making Sh*t Up About Me! You Look Ridiculous’

Activist and filmmaker Michael Moore took guff from Fox “News” and other right-wing jingoistic media outlets for roughly a week over his searing tweet regarding the Chris Kyle film, “American Sniper,” which resulted in a Lilliputian uprising that the intellectual giant has now shrugged off as easily as rising from the cobwebs they’ve used to attempt to tie him down.

The tweet that got the Right so frantic in a tizzy?

And, you know, you can’t tweet something like that without heavyweights like Kid Rock swinging at you with circular nonsense.

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F*ck you Michael Moore, you’re a piece of shit and your uncle would be ashamed of you.

Right, because Moore’s uncle, who was killed by a sniper, would be ashamed of his nephew for speaking ill of snipers simply because he was a veteran.

So, Moore decided to swing back in a Facebook response and give Kid Rock and the kids at Fox “News” a little media spanking.

Moore wrote:

Here’s the truth they can’t or won’t report: I’m the one who has supported these troops – much more than the bloviators on Fox News.

Moore went on to list several ways in which he supports veterans directly in order to flush away some of the bullsh*t. He mentions asking friends and family to donate to Veterans for Peace, rather than blowing a bunch of money on flowers for his father’s funeral. He stated that he also refuses to do business with vendors who won’t hire vets, and that he sits on the Advisory Board of the Pvt. Bradley (Chelsea) Manning Support Network. He also states he has donated several thousands of dollars to “help veterans and wounded warriors.”

Moore also wrote in his response statement:

From the Dept. of Irony: I only hire Navy SEALS and ex-special forces for when I need security – such as this week, when so-called supporters of those SEALs want me harmed.

You can read the full response, below:

And Michael Moore isn’t the only person of note speaking out against the propaganda circle-jerk regarding Clint Eastwood’s “American Sniper.” Rolling Stone journalist Matt Taibbi has also called the film “almost too dumb to criticize.” Seth Rogen has also caught a bit of heat for saying the film could have easily been the movie seen in the “third act of ‘Inglourious Bastards.’”

Owning that he still shows the film at his Manistee, Mich. theater, too, Moore stated he does so:

Not because I like it, but because, unlike the other side, I’m not a censor. I trust smart people and people of good heart will know what to do. You can’t have a conversation about what Clint Eastwood is up to if you haven’t seen what it is he’s up to.

One further, miniscule layer of irony in the matter is that the projectionist at Moore’s theater in Manistee, Mich., is a veteran.

Moore concluded in his response to Fox “News” and the juvenile outburst by Kid Rock:

In the end, the thing I’m most proud of for what I’ve done for the troops was sticking my neck out 12 years ago to become a leading opponent to Bush and the war. I tried to save more lives than a sniper ever could hope to – by preventing us from going to war in the first place. So, Fox News and the other lazy media — quit making shit up about me! You look ridiculous.

H/T: rollingstone.com | Featured image: WikiMedia

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