Manhunt Underway For San Antonio Gunman

A man boarded a bus north of Downtown San Antonio Tuesday afternoon and began instigating confrontations with the 10 or so other passengers.  After asking a young man in his twenties “what are you looking at,” he pulled a handgun and opened fire, hitting the young man several times.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The gunman and a woman accompanying him ordered the bus driver to let them off.  The bus driver gladly obliged.

The suspect is described as a 5′ 5″ hispanic male wearing a Dallas Cowboys hoodie or sweatshirt.  His companion is described as a heavy-set woman with a pink hoodie.

A nearby college and the San Antonio Independent School District weren’t alerted of the incident, which happened about 3 p.m., and school let out on time at 3:20, according to SAISD spokeswoman Leslie Price.

So far San Antonio police have not received any leads or apprehended any suspects.  They have set up a quadrant in the area and are searching diligently for the perpetrators.

There was no apparent motive for the shooting.  It can be chalked up to yet another senseless act of gun violence that has become all to common in our news cycles.  Last week a 5-year-old Milwaukee girl was killed while sitting on her grandfathers lap by a bullet that came through a wall in her home, striking her in the head.

The NRA hasn’t commented yet but it’s safe to say they don’t condone the killing of innocent people but do condone the sale of firearms to anyone and everyone who can scrape together a few bucks to buy one.

H/T:  Image: screengrab from video

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