Man Finds ‘Responsible’ Gun Owner’s Loaded Assault Rifle On Side Of AZ Highway

“Only a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun.” We hear this all the time from the NRA crowd after a terrible mass shooting; but what happens if their ‘good guy’ loses his gun? What happens if their super ‘responsible good guy’ with a gun leaves his fully loaded AR-15 assault rifle on the back of his truck and it flies off and lands on the side of the road? That’s exactly what happened in Arizona last week.

A man, who identified himself as John, told 3TV news in Arizona that he was driving down highway 101 last week when he spotted a rifle on the side of the road. He pulled over and discovered a fully loaded AR-15 assault  rifle.

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John called the Department of Public Safety, who found the owner of the gun, a firefighter from Glendale, Arizona.

John explains what the ‘responsible’ gun owner said happened:

Said he was doing something with his rifle this morning, set it on the bed of his truck, and drove off and got sidetracked. I can’t imagine what people driving on the 101 thought as the guy was, you know, looking over his rifle on the side of the freeway. [Source]

He got sidetracked. Well that’s okay, then. You know how it’s totally acceptable to get ‘sidetracked’ and lose your fully loaded assault weapon.

Sgt. David Vidaure of the Glendale Police Department said no charges would be filed.


The best part about all of this is not that he lost his assault rifle on the side of a busy highway. The best part isn’t that the police won’t file charges for  a public safety violation. The best part is how remorseful the ‘responsible’ gun owner was, according to John:

He was more concerned over the damage done to his rifle. I’m  just, you know, glad God put me in that spot to pick it up and secure it and get it off the street, so, you know, it didn’t hurt anybody.

He was concerned about the damage his gun may have. He wasn’t concerned that he left a fully loaded assault rifle on the highway. He wasn’t concerned that a kid may have gotten a hold of it. He was concerned about it being damaged.

This guy is the “responsible, good guy with a gun” who the ammosexuals are always going on about.

I’m feeling super safe right now, how about you?

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