Lafayette Movie Theater Shooter Was A Racist, Right-Wing Extremist Tea Partier (TWEETS, SCREENSHOTS)

Investigators haven’t had enough time to figure out exactly what shooter John Russell Houser’s motives were for the brutal killing of two and wounding of ten with a semi-automatic weapon Thursday night. However, an independent investigation by If You Only News has uncovered quite a bit about the man’s past and his mindset, which was that of a “very conservative” right-wing extremist.

Houser, a native of Phenix City, Alabama and a graduate of Faulkner University, left plenty of online breadcrumbs that took us into his hateful conservative past. The first clue was his membership to the Tea Party Nation, a social networking site for the fringe right to get together and complain about everyone who isn’t white and Christian. After learning his hometown and having it confirmed by NBC that we were dealing with the same man, an obvious pattern of neo-nazi beliefs came out of the woodwork.

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On a political debate forum, Houser, who went by “Rusty Houser” on several forums online, Listed Golden Dawn, one of the most Heinous Neo-Nazi groups, as his interest:



On that forum, Hauser expressed his paranoid concerns about the government censoring information available to the general public:


Those concerns were mirrored by Houser on a site called Expel The Parasite, a neo-Nazi hatefest where degenerates like Houser talk about their fantasy of an all-white world:


Houser’s Twitter Account hasn’t been used in some time, but it shows a paranoid right-winger whose “conservative” ideals have him in line with the Westboro Baptist Church:

What this means is we have yet another case of a right-wing nut job ammosexual mowing down innocent people with a semi-automatic weapon. Reports say Houser seemed calm as he strolled up and down the aisle of the theater shooting people. While the authorities won’t divulge a motive, it’s easy enough for some of us to assume one.

John Russel Houser was your typical anti-establishment, gun-toting, right-wing extremist whose extremism finally got the best of him. The Tea Party and other far-right groups are upset that the Justice Department considers them a threat? Well this is why.

Way to go, GOP. The base of mistrust and hate you’ve worked so hard to develop is working out well, isn’t it?

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