Jindal: Oregon Massacre Caused By ‘Moral Decay,’ Shooter’s Father Shouldn’t ‘Be Lecturing Us’

It’s to the point now where you can almost map the response to shootings like the one in Oregon. First it happens, then the media wonders why it happens. The issue of gun control is raised. NRA-sponsored trolls storm forth, with their usual empty platitudes and paranoid, tinfoil-hat John Bircher rhetoric about “something, something, Communists/Marxists/Hitler,” or whatever circular logic bubbled up in the conservative noise-o-sphere this week.

Mental illness is brought up, because clearly people who are mentally ill deserve to be “stripped of their rights,” to borrow language from the gun nuts. I mean, it’s not like Hitler did anything like that (again, to borrow a tired old argument from ammosexuals).

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But don’t worry, equal rights proponents; this is all BS anyway. It’s a red herring to avoid the real issue.

There’s also the inevitable person who calls Obama a gun-grabber. Exactly what world this individual lives in is open to question, because for the last 8 years, they’ve been stock piling guns Obama has not grabbed.

The last part of the cycle sees the parents stepping up in front of the media. It happened in Santa Barbara, and it happened again in the wake of the 2015 shooting in Oregon. The only difference is that for the 2015 shooting, it was the shooter’s father, and not the parent of a victim, who spoke up and grabbed media attention.

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It doesn’t matter either way to Bobby Jindal, who wishes the father would shut up and go away. After all, Jindal knows exactly what caused the shooting: “moral decay.”

Louisiana Governor and Republican presidential candidate Bobby Jindal shored up the NRA-tinfoil hat vote today when he defended comments that he made about the father of the Oregon shooter.

Last week, Jindal wrote in a blog post that Ian Mercer, the father of the shooter, was not only a failure, but that he needed to apologize for the shooting. Jindal wrote it in response to Mercer telling CNN there wouldn’t have been a shooting if there had been tighter gun control laws.

During an appearance on ABC’s This Week, Jindal doubled down, adding that it was “moral decay” that was causing these shootings:

We have got a moral decay going on in our culture. We’ve got graphic violence in our movies, our video games, our TV shows. We have got senseless violence being depicted in our songs. We’ve got a culture that doesn’t value life. We’ve got millions of boys growing up without father figures, without that guidance at home.

He doesn’t need to be lecturing us. He, by his own admission, didn’t know how his son got those guns, didn’t know how many guns his son had, by his own admission wasn’t involved in his son’s life, hadn’t been communicating with him since he was living with his mother. He doesn’t need to be lecturing us on gun control. We need to fix our culture. We need a renaissance of decency.

And thus, “decency” joins words like “manners” and “respect” as conservative shorthand for “shut up and stop talking, liberals.”

Because if Jindal truly wanted a “renaissance of decency,” he’d be demanding more “political correctness.”

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