‘Guns Don’t Kill People’ Argument Destroyed With One Glorious Meme (IMAGE)

Just how sick and tired are you of those “I left my gun home alone today and it didn’t kill anyone” posts that come across your newsfeed from that conservative friend you went to high school with?

It’s the Republican answer to all things gun-related. We should stop trying to enact gun-safety laws because guns are inanimate objects. You can kill someone with a fork if you try hard enough.  Criminals won’t follow the law, so why bother?

The absolute worst, the most ridiculous, the one that they always go to, is the one that makes the least sense to reasonable people:

Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

It makes me want to rip my hair out. It doesn’t apply when a toddler shoots her mother in Wal-Mart. It doesn’t apply when a six-year-old kills a friend during an innocent game of cops-and-robbers, and it doesn’t apply when a teenager thinks there’s no round in the chamber and puts a bullet in his friend while shooting at bottles.

As a matter of fact, it just doesn’t apply.

This meme, posted on the personal page of Drew Avril, is perhaps the best way to shut down the stupidity I’ve ever come across:

guns don't kill people


That…Just happened.

The GOP gun lobby pushes the gun-rights agenda as though there’s some kind of a call to ban all firearms. The Republican base chews it up and spits it out into dumbass memes like this one:

Yes, you morons. And cars cause climate change. Oh, wait…that doesn’t exist.

Even when the American people wanted Congress to pass the gun-safety bill proposed after Sandy Hook, ‘gun-rights’ activists pulled out this crap and slathered social media with it.

When will they understand that reasonable people don’t care how many guns they have at home, as long as they store them safely?

When will they understand that we don’t want to have to guess if the jackass carrying an AR-15 through Home Depot to keep the sandpaper safe from tyranny is on the verge of a psychotic break?

Thanks, Drew Avril, for putting the issue into perfect perspective.

Feature Image: Charles Topher

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