Gun Nuts Create Unlicensed ‘Makeshift’ Firing Range, Someone Gets Fatally Shot

What do you get when you cross a bunch of gun-toting Alaskan patriots with a lack of safe, legal ranges? You get makeshift off the highway range where people shoot at stuff while other people watch, drink and also shoot at stuff. They’re the kind of places you hear about preceded by “An accidental fatal shooting in East Nowhere, Alaska.”

That’s pretty much exactly how it happened in Sutton, Alaska, where an army veteran, 30-year-old Adam Malaby, lost his life while photographing people shooting guns. There’s an ongoing investigation as to why he was doing that, but in the end, as long as no guns were harmed, people lose. The ammosexuals out shooting say they have no idea how it happened or why, which is probably true. It was probably some stray bullet that a yokel meathead fired straight up in the air, believing that God catches bullets and throws them down at Muslims.

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One local citizen sounds particularly concerned that the stupidity of the people who frequent this little public shooting gallery was going to catch up with them. James Myer told KTVA:

I figured it was only a matter of time,” Meyer said. “With all that goes on up there, so many people shooting and so many indiscriminate directions without really any rules or guidelines.

“With so many people shooting and so many indiscriminate directions” makes it sound more like a nightmare of a situation, not a fun afternoon. You just know those idiots are up there calling out President Obama, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton and all those crazy “libtards” as they prepare for the revolution that’s never coming. This time, like so many times before, an innocent life was lost. It seems unlikely that he’ll ever see justice. He’ll be written off as “part of God’s plan” since there’s absolutely no way to describe his death other than “guns are stupid.”

His family probably won’t take much solace in that.


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