Gun Activist Calls For Arresting And Hanging Lawmakers Who Vote Against Him (VIDEO)

Sometimes, when I’m in that state somewhere between being asleep and being awake, I wonder if perhaps I’m a little too hard on gun nuts. Maybe it really is about the guns, I think. Maybe they just like the feel of the cold steel as it fires bullets through big pieces of paper.

Then I wake up and I am reminded of people like Kory Watkins, who really just seem to want to see people die. This time, Watkins, who is an open-carry activist in Texas, is calling for the arrest and “hanging” of legislators who vote against open-carry.

I’m calling for the arrest of every elected official in Texas that voted against open carry. They should be arrested,…

Posted by Kory Watkins on Thursday, May 28, 2015

The #footindoor hashtag came from a recent comment where Watkins said that people who opposed open-carry were treasonous and “deserved death.”

Watkins tells viewers to do “more than foots in doors,” apparently referring to a confrontation he had with Rep. Alfonso “Poncho” Nevarez at the Texas Capitol on Jan. 13 during which a gun rights activist put his foot in a door to keep it from closing.


Here’s that video:

Open Carry Leader Threatens Texas Lawmakers’ Lives Gun extremists have used intimidation tactics in the Texas statehouse and businesses like Raising Cane’s. Now they’re issuing death threats to state lawmakers, saying opposition to unlicensed open carry should be “punishable by death.”

Posted by Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America on Wednesday, February 4, 2015

He apologized after that video was released, saying he “was certainly not threatening anyone” and was “not talking about hurting legislators, or anyone else.”

But then he doubled down and did it again on Thursday.

Featured image via Kory Watkins’ Facebook page

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