God, Guns, And Tenn. Legislator James Van Huss: Yee Haw!

If you ever need a lesson in multi-tasking, just ask Tennessee state Rep. James Van Huss (R-Jonesborough). This guy’s holding office while on his knees for Jesus, and while bending over for the NRA at the same time.

Van Huss is the primary sponsor of HJR 0071, which calls for the state constitution to read:

We recognize that our liberties do not come from governments, but from Almighty God, our Creator and Savior.

As noted by Raw Story’s Eric W. Dolan, however, this might conflict with another portion of the Constitution of Tennessee, which reads:

(N)o human authority can, in any case whatever, control or interfere with the rights of [religious] conscience; and that no preference shall ever be given, by law, to any religious establishment or mode of worship.

But any pagans, non-believers, and other non-Republicans better be wary of complaining about that proposed amendment, because Van Huss is kissing big guns’ butt, too. He also introduced HB 0677, falling under “State Symbols”:

As introduced, designates the Barrett Model 82A1 rifle as the official state firearm.

For clarification, that particular weapon is described by its manufacturer to be “the first and only semi-automatic .50 caliber rifle available,” and “is chrome-plated and dimensioned for both civilian and military ammunition.” See it below:

The Barrett 82A1 semi-automatic, proposed by Van Huss to be the official "State Gun." (Image from Barrett)

The Barrett 82A1 semi-automatic, proposed by Van Huss to be the official “State Gun.” (Image from Barrett)

And for the few Smoky Mountain hillbillies who aren’t fat enough to discreetly carry a semi-automatic rifle inside their overalls, Van Huss also sponsored the “Open Carry Firearms Freedom Act of 2015.” HB 0684, similar to a bill he introduced to no avail last session, would allow anyone to carry a weapon on their person without need for a permit.

To encourage promotion of the rights those bills would offer if passed, he also introduced HB 1059, which:

…creates a Second Amendment tax-free weekend for sales of firearms, firearms ammunition, and firearms accessories(.)

And to give his constituents much more opportunity to carry their weapons, even in private establishments, Van Huss also introduced HB 0682, which whittles down a property owner’s rights to prevent weapons from entering his or her business or home. If your “no weapons” sign doesn’t have specific wordage of specific size in specific colors, combined with specific symbols that include lines of specific angles – and if that sign isn’t plastered all over the place – then you can’t stop Johnny Reb from carrying his weapon on your property. Got it?

Well, if you don’t, then maybe you should ask Van Huss for some insight – if you can catch him between his supposed Jesus-lovin’ and definite NRA-kissin’, that is.

H/T: Raw Story | Image: -paul via Flickr

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