Fox’s Sean Hannity Admits He’s Related To Gun Nut Who Sold Orlando Mass Shooter His Murder Weapons

Right-wing nut and Fox host Sean Hannity is inextricably linked to the worst mass shooting in American history – and there is nothing he can do about it. Hannity himself is the typical Fox personality – an Obama hating, gun-loving, right-wing lunatic. However, this is one he, like anyone, would want to distance himself from, but he can’t. Why? Because his second cousin owns the gun store that provided Orlando shooter Omar Mateen his weapons of mass murder.

Hannity released a short and sweet statement via Newser regarding the shooting and its link to his cousin’s business that reads:

Ed Henson, a highly decorated retired NYPD detective, who was also a 9/11 and Flight 587 first responder, is a second cousin of mine.

Henson is a gun nut as well and insisted that the press really should “do some truthful reporting” regarding the role of guns in mass shootings (of course, to these people “truthful” = “guns are not a problem and there should be no gun control, ever”).

Now, no one is blaming Hannity for the shooting. That would be right-wing gutter type activity, and we on the left are better than that. Hannity had nothing to do with the shooting. However, one would hope that this would give Hannity pause regarding his National Rifle Association support and other gun nut positions. He is literally linked to the worst mass shooting in history, and his positions are the same positions that kept lawmakers from blocking the shooter from obtaining his instruments of carnage.

Right-wingers – including Hannity – really should take a good, long, hard look in the mirror. They truly have blood on their hands when it comes to their positions regarding gun control. Don’t hold your breath on that, though – I’m sure that once the dust settles from this revelation, Hannity will be right back on Fox News screaming to his ignorant viewers that Obama and Hillary are trying to use Orlando to take their guns away.

Featured image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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