Fox News Stupidity Of The Day: We Don’t Regulate Cars, So Nobody Should Regulate Guns (VIDEO)

Just as irresponsible gun use continues to claim American lives, ranging from accidental shootings to mass murder, so too does Fox News continue its misinformation on the subject. Take “Outnumbered” show host Harris Faulkner, for example, who on October 27 argued that guns should not be regulated – because motor vehicles aren’t regulated, she said.

Speaking with guests (including Willie “Duck Dynasty” Robertson) about crime, Faulkner challenged the need for responsible gun laws, arguing “more people have cars than have guns.” (See video below.)

Are we going to take away everything that people use to kill each other? ‘Cause we’re going to have to really start with the basics. Like vehicles.

Responding to Julie Roginsky, another panelist on the show who referred to the recent drunk-driving tragedy in Oklahoma, Faulkner expanded on her point.

We’re not regulating the car. We’re regulating the substance.

Faulkner apparently thinks that no one can call for gun safety or background checks because there are no regulations for vehicle safety. And until vehicle safety regulations are enacted, then gun-safety advocates need to shut up.

Perhaps Faulkner should ask her chauffeur for a refresher course on the subject, though. All motor vehicles are regulated by the Office of Vehicle Safety Compliance, which is under the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration division of the U.S. Dept. of Transportation. Everything from vehicle body frames to tires to windshield wipers must meet minimum standards, and all for the safety of drivers and passengers.

A driver’s license is required to operate vehicles in the U.S., as well. Testing is required to ensure a driver knows how to safely operate a vehicle, and that license must be periodically renewed. A special license is required for more complex vehicles, such as commercial rigs. Any safety violations by a driver can result in penalties and license suspension. Even vehicles require regular safety inspections, too, in almost all states.

And let us never forget that liability insurance is also required in order to ensure that any property or person injured by that driver and his or her vehicle can be rightfully compensated.

But Faulkner thinks there are no vehicle regulations? So we shouldn’t have any pertaining to guns or gun sales or gun ownership, either?

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This revelation of dumbness isn’t the only thing that has Faulkner’s name in the news today. Also on October 27, toymaker Hasbro filed for dismissal of a lawsuit the Fox News anchor began pursuing about two months ago. Faulkner claims that a toy hamster named “Harris Faulkner” is not only named directly after her but resembles her, too. Hasbro attorneys say that not only is the use of common names perfectly legal, but also that “a side-by-side comparison of Ms. Faulkner and the Hamster Toy shows that the two bear absolutely no resemblance.” Except in brain size, maybe.

Here’s the video from the October 27 broadcast:

Featured image clipped from Youtube video

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