Fox News ‘Eyewitness’ Sees Baltimore Police Shooting – That Didn’t Happen

Rumors of yet another police shooting of a black man in Baltimore surfaced Monday afternoon amidst a cloud of chaos and confusion. After several people tweeted that a man had been shot in the back, Hannah Allam, a foreign affairs reporter for McClatchy newspapers tweeted:

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With reports from the area pouring in, Greta Van Susteren of Fox News reported that a member of her crew had witnessed the shooting:

Fox correspondent Mike Tobin told Fox News:

I was getting ready to do a live shot for my shift. I was sitting in the car, scribbling on my notes for the next live shot, and he ran right in front of us.

I never saw the individual turn and do anything I would consider an aggressive act, but we did see the officer draw his weapon and I counted one gunshot.

He added that he “clearly saw” a handgun on the sidewalk, and that the man who was shot appeared to be in “bad shape.”

Shortly thereafter, police informed reporters from Newsweek that there were two separate incidents, and that nobody had been shot:

Mike Tobin’s pants were officially on fire, so Fox sent in Shep Smith,  their only anchor with a shred of decency, to apologize for the mistake sensationalist reporting by an overzealous liar:

Sounds like what happened is we screwed up… Mike Tobin thought he saw somebody get shot. And there was a gun and a patient on a stretcher and there is would a woman who said she saw the cop gun him down and there’s going to be violence and all the rest of that. And what we have is nothing. And the truth is, according to police, there is no gunshot victim.

These are not normal environs to most people — places where there are transactions on the street, as the woman put it. That’s not how everybody lives everyday. That’s not how Mike Tobin lives; and that’s not how Leland Vittert lives; and that’s not how our security guard lives.

But from everything we’ve learned from that scene, over the past weeks, that is part of life there. And that’s part of the problem there. And a bunch of people who are trained at this sort of thing, saw it, and it wasn’t real. And now something has been created there that is wrong, and unnecessary.

We were wrong. Our people on scene were wrong. Theirs was an error that was honest and straightforward and our duty as journalists is not to make mistakes and when we make mistakes we are duty-bound to correct them immediately and as clearly as possible.

What a shame Shep had to belittle himself to defend someone who clearly saw a gunshot victim, clearly counted “one gunshot,” and clearly saw a revolver on the street, none of which actually happened.

It’s Fox News; they lie for a living.  No biggie, tomorrow is another day.

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