For The Second Time In Two Weeks, Someone In Texas Has Opened Fire At A Democrat’s Office

If you’re a Democrat or anyone who isn’t white visiting Texas, you apparently need two things: your affairs in order and life insurance. For the second time in two weeks, a gunman has opened fire on the office of a Democratic Party official.

And while nobody was injured, aren’t you just glad to have more evidence that an armed society is a society capable of settling their disagreements in an adult fashion?

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“It’s pretty amazing”

The first instance happened on March 1, when a white male stood outside of the office of an African-American candidate and opened fire while screaming racial slurs. The candidate, Zena Stephens, was uninjured — as were her staff, there weren’t any injuries at all — but the glass doors were shot out.

Stephens is the Democratic Party candidate for Jefferson County, which sits on the line between Texas and Louisiana. According to the public information officer:

“Zena Stephens reported that several people were in her campaign office when a witness reported that a white male in a newer white Jeep Cherokee drove by southbound on 11th Street,” Harding told CNN. “He was hanging out the passenger window and fired a handgun at the building, yelling a racial slur. One of the glass doors was shattered by the round.”

At the time, Zena released a statement saying:

I would like to thank everyone for your overwhelming support and prayers following last night’s senseless act of violence inflicted during our volunteer rally at our campaign headquarters. I am thankful none of our volunteers were injured. Today is Super Tuesday and our main focus continues on our campaign.

As I have said to my team from the beginning we will continue to run a clean and professional campaign. Due to the importance of today’s election and my need to be in the community, I will address all media questions after the election.

The Republican Party issued a condemnation of the attack, but something tells me the guy who did the shooting wasn’t voting Democratic on Super Tuesday.

Now, here we are, 10 days later and on another day starting with T and ending with Y, and law enforcers in Heights are reporting that someone has opened fire on the office of the state’s most powerful lawmaker.

State Senator John Whitmire said that his staff noticed the office had been damaged when they arrived Thursday morning, but blamed the storms that had rumbled through the region overnight. It was only once a maintenance worker found a bullet hole while trying to stop a leak that they realized something was wrong.

Police were called, and several more bullet holes were found. According to police the bullets came from an AR-15 rifle.

“When you look at the damage, and start tracing it, there are bullet holes here in the office, and at least four slugs… a couple of them ricocheted around,” Whitmire said. “There are bullet slugs everywhere. One lodged in a framed picture. It’s pretty amazing.”

Nobody was injured because the building was unoccupied, and police are trying to figure out if the surveillance cameras recorded the incident. Neighbors also reported hearing a “loud banging sound or possibly gun shots” at around 12:30 a.m.

Whitmire noted that all of the unknowns are what make the case “alarming.”

“I’ve never feared for my safety personally,” he said. “But I’ve never had my office get shot up.”

It’s so nice to see polite, sound, reasonable individuals engaging in debate with one another, isn’t it?

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