Family Of 14-Yr-Old Killed By His Dad At Gun Range Profits More Than $20K From His Death


Yet another gun tragedy has ended a young life and the family of the victim is now obscenely profiting from it.

By now just about everyone knows the name Stephen Brumby. At 14-years-old, Stephen’s life was cut short by a horrible accident at a gun  range dubbed “the safest in the nation.” His father, “responsible gun owner” William Clayton Brumby, 64, has taken full responsibility for his death.

Well…kind of.

Brumby did an emotional interview where he declared that he and he alone, not his gun, killed his son. A shell casing from a shot he fired went down the back of his shirt, causing him to try to dislodge it — with the gun still in his hand. A bright flash, a loud bang and an unfortunate ricochet later and young Stephen was on his way to the hospital where he would succumb to his injuries shortly thereafter.

According to CNN:

“The gun didn’t kill my boy. I did,” he told CNN. “Every round in the gun is your responsibility. When it fires you need to stand to account for it. That’s what I’ve spent the last two days doing, accounting for my operating error.”

That stunning revelation has won Brumby praise from the right, who would certainly be calling for his head on a platter if he were any color other than white.

Brumby claims to take full responsibility, but that hasn’t stopped the family from taking to GoFundMe to plea for cash to help William and his wife “help with the expenses they now face.”
brumby gofundme1

Yes, he is most definitely better off “communing with the heroes of his faith.” It must have been God’s plan all along to take this teenager before he had a chance to live the life ahead of him so he could rejoice in paradise instead.

The GoFundMe has now reached more than $30K as of the writing of this article and there’s no sign of it slowing down anytime soon. It’s understandable that a family who lost a child and can’t afford to bury him would ask for help. It’s even understandable that people were willing to chip in. The problem is, the family came up with a figure of $10K, which is apparently what they needed. For them to leave the fundraiser up and profit by twice that from the death of a child is reprehensible at best.

And yes, GoFundMe has an option to automatically shut down a fundraiser when you reach your goal.

Featured image via GoFundMe

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