Disgusting Reaction To Newest Gun Massacre Proves ‘Pro-Life Conservative’ Is An Oxymoron

There was a mass shooting in San Bernardino today, and of course, conservatives are all over it already, talking about everything from California’s allegedly ineffective gun laws to how this must either be gangs or Muslims (or even ISIS itself). We can expect to start hearing this from pundits and Republican politicians on television tonight and tomorrow, but for now, the comments sections on right-wing sites are absolutely sickening when it comes to this tragedy. These people are strutting around the Internet like peacocks, putting their idiocy on full display as though it’s worth showing off.

For instance, these comments on a story on The Blaze:

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The Blaze Comments 7 The Blaze Comments 6 The Blaze Comments 5 The Blaze Comments 4 The Blaze Comments 2 The Blaze Comments 1

The Blaze Comments 3

The Blaze Comments 8

At the time of this posting, the police hadn’t yet released information on the shooters, except to say that two of them have been killed. There is no known terror connection at this time, although there is a possibility that one will emerge, because anything is possible right now.

Sickeningly, the comments on Breitbart centered around whether this was the work of Syrian refugees, ISIS, or maybe or a Mexican gang. It can’t possibly be the work of angry, white conservatives. They’re also talking about how this proves we just need more guns than ever, because. . . of course:

Breitbart Comments 2 Breitbart Comments 1 Breitbart Comments 5 Breitbart Comments 4 Breitbart Comments 3We can always count on the moronic readers of Fox News to have their say. They, too, went off on racist rants about how these shooters had to be Muslim or Mexican (unless, of course, they went off on paranoid false-flag tangents). There were members of the “moar gunz” crowd here also, and just had to spout off about their gun fetishes on the oddly journalistic article on Fox’s website.

Fox News Comments 5 Fox News Comments 4 Fox News Comments 3 Fox News Comments 2 Fox News Comments 1

Strangely, there was this lone, on-point comment in the midst of all the typical right-wing bullsh*t on Fox News. It puts every conservative talking about ISIS, gangs, refugees, and gun control to utter shame:

Fox News Comments 6

In short, the people commenting on these stories are putting their fear, their racism, and their hate on full display, and they’re very proud to do so. It’s sad that this is the America we live in these days. Just sad.

Image via screen capture from CNN

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