Dallas Police Chief Eviscerates Do-Nothing Pro-Gun Lawmakers: ‘Do Your Job!’ (VIDEO)

Following the heinous killing of five police officers, the Dallas Chief of Police David Brown has been emerging as an extremely capable leader, something glaringly missing in our do-nothing GOP-controlled Congress. When asked about his opinion on America’s gun laws at a news conference, he replied, “Ask the policy makers to do something and then I’ll give you an opinion.”

I was asked what’s your  opinion about guns,well, ask the policy makers to do something. Put a law out there, and I’ll give you an opinion about it. But to have me do that job, I’ll pass on that. Get in that debate and get swallowed up by both sides who are entrenched in their positions? I want no part of that.

Do your job.

Brown also told reporters about how the police are expected to handle many jobs that have never been police purview. They are being asked to do too much with very few resources. Brown said, “every societal failure, we put it off on the cops to solve,” something that just isn’t their job to do.

The police are supposed to enforce laws, not create solutions. That would be our lawmakers’ job.

From dog catcher to dealing with the lack of availability of good mental health care in America; from failing schools to the 70 percent of the African American community being raised by single mothers; police are forced to deal with the things that legislators choose not to handle. Police are being forced to put their lives on the line for some of those issues, like the refusal of the House to do anything to keep known terror suspects from buying guns. Like the lack of funding for mental health. They are dying because Congress will not do their job.

Do your job. We are doing ours, we are putting our lives on the line, those in government need to step up.

While the GOP sits on their hands, forcing the police and all Americans to deal with their refusal to do anything, Brown has joined the ranks of those calling for Congress to DO THEIR JOB. Put forth legislation, actually do something about the many causes of the problems keeping people in poverty, end the so-called war on drugs and start helping those affected by addiction.

Yes, the police in this country have a long way to go to restore public trust, but perhaps if they weren’t forced to deal with everything that our lawmakers willfully ignore perhaps they could concentrate on clearing out problem officers and replacing them with those who are there to improve their own communities. Imagine having universal background checks on gun purchases or having better mental health care available to all our citizens, including the police.

Perhaps, if Congress would do their job, this crisis could be resolved.

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