Cop’s Own Supervisor Shoots Him 9 Times Because He Missed Meeting About Drug Bust

An Albuquerque cop’s own supervisor shot him nine times during a drug bust, because the supervisor had not attended a meeting where they were planning how the bust would be conducted. Jacob Grant, the victim, sued the city of Albuquerque, the Albuquerque Police Department, and the supervisor who fired the shots, Greg Brachle, in court over the incident.

Grant was making an undercover $60 drug buy during the operation, when Brachle opened fire on him, hitting him nine times with a .45 caliber handgun. Grant suffered injury to most of his internal organs, and lost nearly 80 percent of his blood according to medical reports.

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This all happened when Grant was less than five feet away from Brachle, in daylight, during a planned operation where the other cops KNEW there was going to be an undercover agent among the perps. Remember, the shooter was the victim’s own supervisor. He knew what he looked like.

There was extensive planning put into making sure officers could recognize Grant among the other individuals ranging from his clothing to his position in the car. Brachle  had missed the morning briefing though. After the bust, and the suspects were taken into custody, he approached the car where Grant was, and proceeded to shoot him nine times.

Brachle also conducted what was basically an attempted murder, because he shot Grant twice in the body, then re-positioned himself to continue shooting seven more times as Grant was trying to crawl away and audibly begging his own supervisor to “please stop shooting.”

To say this is ridiculous would be kind. To say that Brachle is anything less than a homicidal raging bully who enjoys taking human life as a “perk” of his job, would be a lie.

Grant is seeking punitive damages in a 27-page complaint, citing all the rules and regulations that had to be broken by the police department, and the shooter personally, for this to have happened.

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