Cops Murder Puppy While Laughing At Owner: ‘You Don’t Have Dog Anymore!’

Christie Fry and her family rescued a 7-month-old puppy earlier this year, who had a broken leg. They named him Bear. For months afterwards, the family patiently helped Bear regain his health until he was a normal spunky and loving young puppy. As you can imagine, Bear won a very special spot in his family’s hearts from the long road they travelled with him on his recovery.

The family occasionally kept Bear secured on a leash in his backyard, which is where Bear was on the last day of his criminally short life.

Fry explained that Bear had a tendency to bark a lot. However, a barking dog – especially a young one – is no indicator of a “bad dog.” As many dog lovers know, some dogs just are more easily excited and have a lot to say.

That day, the Barking came to a sudden and unnatural halt. Bear was murdered – by laughing cops.

I hear 2 gunshots. As I’m getting up I hear the third. As soon as I’m standing, I can see out my side window. Police. Fourth shot. I look at what they’re doing & see my dog on the ground. My dog starts screaming. I scream. More shots. Five, six, seven, eight. There’s 2 cops taking turns shooting him with smiles on their faces. I run out yelling “What the hell!!!!!” They said “Is this your dog?” “Yes!!” I replied. “What happened??!!” The officer said (& I quote!!) “Well you don’t have a dog anymore. He’s done now!” & laughed in my face.

My 1yr old puppy that I did everything in my power to save was laying there dead. They shot my dog like he was a human coming at them with a gun.

An animal control officer on the scene claimed he had to wrestle Bear back to his home yard from an abandoned property next door after he broke his leash. Fry said that this story couldn’t be how it happened:

Bear has dug up most of my yard & the yard next door is a disaster. If this guy was on the ground wrestling with my dog as he claims, that nice fresh khaki jacket he was wearing would have been destroyed. When Bear jumped on me, even once, I’d have pawprints on my clothes. There’s just no way!

The police report made no mention of Bear attacking anyone, but days later the police said that Bear had bitten a woman. This was impossible because Bear was secured in the yard at the time.

Fry has since started a GoFundMe page to raise money for legal fees. She is not seeking more money. She is trying to hold the cops accountable, in an effort to help curb the cop-on-pet murder spree that is happening in America.

Featured image via GoFundMe

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