Cops Enter Wrong Home: Officer And Homeowner Wounded — Dog Killed (VIDEO)

According to CNN, a police officer who was responding to a call in the Atlanta area – at the wrong house — was shot in the hip by a fellow officer. The situation was called “complicated” by the police.

Complicated? Oh, and almost as an after-thought they tell us that the homeowner, Chris McKinley, was shot in the leg and his dog was shot dead.

There are a lot of unanswered questions, but what we know is that the police entered the wrong residence, two people and one animal were shot, and no one is sure why. The Officer was in critical condition due to blood loss, and was in surgery and the homeowner was also in surgery with less severe injuries.

The police may not have identified themselves properly as they were entering the home, according to one of the videos. They entered the home through an unlocked back door and shots were inexplicably fired, hitting the homeowner, killing his dog, and critically wounding one of the officers with friendly fire.

According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, only the officers discharged firearms.

‘Early investigation indicates that the injured officer was likely shot (accidentally) by one of the other officers on the scene,’ the GBI report says. ‘The preliminary GBI investigation indicates that the responding officers likely entered a residence unrelated to the initial 911 call although it matched the given dispatched description.’

Though DeKalb County police initially said officers were responding to a 911 call about a suspicious person Monday evening, the GBI said Tuesday that the 911 call reported a possible burglary in progress.

But the caller didn’t give an address for the house where the suspicious person was seen, county public safety director Cedric Alexander said. Instead, the caller described it as a tan-and-brick one-story home, the GBI said.

Three officers went to a house that matched that description near the same intersection, Alexander said. According to the GBI, the officers attempted to contact the home’s occupants, to no avail.

They then went to the back of a home where they thought a burglary might be occurring, Alexander said. This was at about 7:35 p.m., roughly a half-hour before sunset.

The residents of this Atlanta area shooting are not very surprised that it happened. It’s certainly doubtful anyone reading this is very shocked that it happened since shootings seems to be an almost daily occurrence.

The thing that is most shocking is that it was still light outside when these two officers broke into the back door to an unidentified home and opened fire on the owner and his dog.

Isn’t it time that police knew that they would be held accountable for each and every bullet that they fire?

Isn’t it time all gun owners are?

Watch a report about the incident in the video below:

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