Colorado Springs Is Ground Zero For Pro-Life, Christian Gun Nuts Who Will Kill People To Save Babies


Working at Planned Parenthood is hard. You provide health care to scores of women who otherwise wouldn’t receive it. One often has to push through picket lines and crowds of protesters screaming obscenities at you, all for the privilege of delivering bad news to a breast cancer patient or holding the hand of a scared woman as she undergoes any one of a number of procedures offered at the clinic. This is true at any Planned Parenthood facility. In Colorado Springs, however, just doing your job comes with a whole new set of challenges.

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Colorado Springs has become the epicenter of a right-wing, pro-life, pro-gun culture that spews anti-Planned Parenthood rhetoric to the point where nutjobs like Robert Lewis Dear (alleged Planned Parenthood clinic shooter) feel it’s a-ok to kill adults in order to “protect” babies. The “wild west mentality” fostered in Colorado Springs with regard to the ownership and usage of guns has led to an influx of unstable individuals such as Dear taking matters into their own hands.

But interestingly, while Dear was shooting up the place, there were no “good guys with guns” coming to the rescue, other than now deceased University of Colorado police officer Garrett Swasey, who ironically enough, was a pro-life church leader.  I guess all the responsible gun owners in Colorado Springs were busy.

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What existed in place at the time was a clinic and its staff that had just relocated to a safer, more secure building. The building was armed with security cameras throughout which, after the shooter barricaded himself inside, allowed police and the FBI to monitor his movements and formulate plans to rescue patients and staff still trapped inside. This particular clinic actually had a “safe room” to which people could run in the event of such an attack.

How sad. People seeking health care and those providing it had to lock themselves in a room to protect themselves from someone who thought taking their lives was the only viable option.

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A profile of the alleged shooter, Robert Lewis Dear, is being formulated. On the surface, he appears to be a loner who didn’t get along with wives or neighbors; one who abused animals and in the words of one former acquaintance, “when you talked to him, nothing was very cognitive.” More will certainly come out in the days and weeks ahead. But this much remains crystal clear: an unstable individual who had ready access to firearms killed people … AGAIN.

And it happened in Colorado Springs … AGAIN.

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