Cliven Bundy Went To Oregon To Make The FBI Rue The Day–Ends Up In Jail With Idiot Sons

Cliven Bundy got extremely lucky once already when dealing with a government agency. When the Bureau of Land Management seized his cattle, because he’s a freeloading tax-dodger, armed a**holes swarmed to Nevada to protect him and his “ranch,” which basically consisted of a swath of federal land that wasn’t actually his.

After his sons, Ammon and Ryan, went to jail for being even more stupid than him, Cliven stuck his nose where it didn’t belong, using the weight of his following of right-wing extremists to call for violence as the solution to the standoff in Oregon. He wrote a letter demanding the “removal of all state and federal policing forces” from Harney County so the four remaining terrorists holed up at Malheur Refuge could leave with their weapons.

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Then he went full jackass. Bundy announced that he would himself travel to Oregon to make the FBI rue the day. They would bow to the greatness that is Cliven Bundy as they had done in the past. Only these weren’t BLM agents trying to protect tortoises who found themselves surrounded by “patriots” with sniper rifles, this was the FBI he was threatening; they were already well in control of the situation.

As soon as Bundy stepped off the plane at Portland International he was surrounded by SWAT and arrested. It seems without his guns, which you can’t carry on a plane, his supporters, any of whom were in Oregon had already fled, or his Facebook following, a bunch of keyboard warriors on Hoverounds, Cliven Bundy is just another harmless old guy with an attitude problem.

So far the charges against Bundy haven’t been announced, but the man has made enough threats against the government to be charged with terroristic activity for sure. A press conference is planned for later in the morning. If You Only News will keep this story updated.

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